Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Analyzers Instruments


* This analyzer is the first truly Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay Analyzer to be installed in the Asia Pacific region.
* It delivers a faster turnaround time, with 83 Assays on Board; it has the ability to generate 1,400 tests per hour

Cell-DYN 3700 Analyzer

* In the Haematology section the laboratory has a cell counter system, which is fully automated.
* It has a sample loader and can provide continuous closed sampling at any given time.
* The analyzer has a multi-parameter function and its technology incorporates the laser as an optical count and impedance count as an electrical impu lse.
* To be more precise and accurate, these two methods interact or complement each other before a final result is reported

Dia-Med Gel Card Analyzer

* In transfusion medicine department, the laboratory has a semi-automated Gel Card ID System.
* To ensure reliability and to enhance patient care the laboratory does all the cross-matching and donor screening for atypical antibodies in the Gel Card System.
* This system offers standardization, and a rapid, simple way to detect blood incompatibility and also to detect atypical antibodies present in the blood.

Automated Vitek 32 Analyzer

* In medical microbiology department, the laboratory has installed the first automated Vitek 32.
* Following the National Committee of Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS), the analyzer automatically identifies the genus species of the bacteria present and the antibiotic sensitivity testing all at the same time.
* This saves time and ensures reliability of test results.

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