Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Different Types of Distiller

Water DistillerTM


* Scientifically designed to assure removal of volatile chemical contaminants.
* Made from inert Pyrex glass to eliminate the metallic contamination that can be caused by stainless steel.
* The clear PyrexR components of the Water DistillerTM make the distillation process strikingly observable.


* Small
* Automatic
* Portable
* Easy to use & clean

Comparison with other types of distiller

The Process

* The Water DistillerTM, uses a two-stage system to remove disease-causing biological, mineral and chemical contaminants.
* First, cooling water is circulated through the condensing coil (A), warming to nearly boiling temperature. Dissolved gas bubbles appear in the coil and are discharged into the reservoir (B), either escaping here or discharged (C) to the drain.
* In the second stage, some chemicals left after step one may rise with the steam to be vented (F) from the condensing chamber (D), while others remain in the boiler (E) to be washed down the drain with minerals and other heavy contaminants. Test results reveal better than 98% removal of toxic wastes on a consistent basis, without carbon filtration.

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