Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Much Will Medical Laboratory Technologist earn in Malaysia?

A friend of mine earns RM1600+, the salary for MLT diploma holders should be around that (± RM100 - RM200). The salary depends on what the Lab (private labs / hospital) offers to you. You should call the IPTS directly for information regarding intakes. As with other courses, you should study hard if you choose to pursue this course.

The job market competition is HIGH due to many IPTS producing MLT graduates right now. Moreover, nowadays the IPTS even competes with each to place their students for final year practical training in Government Hospitals since Government Hospitals have the Labs and experienced staff members.

By the way, it seems that JPA only states PTPL and MSU's MLT program apart from the IPTA/Government colleges (in the list; Teknologi Makmal Perubatan) as recognized. Perhaps this recognition by JPA is due to the Government .MLTs are being trained there as well.

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