Wednesday, September 17, 2008



* Works on electricity
* Regulates temperature thermostatically
* Necessary for various investigations where body temperature 37◦C or otherwise incubation is required

Types of Incubator

Refrigerated Incubator

* These incubators allow operation with high precision at any temperature in their range.
* Ideal for below ambient use or shelf-life trials.

CO2 Incubator

* For cell culture work which requires accurately controlled CO2 concentration and high humidity within the chamber.
* These models provide particularly stable operation without condensation in the chamber.

Analogue Incubator

* Designed for routine incubation, these models provide consistent incubation with minimized drying out of agar plates.

Digital Incubator

* These floor standing incubators offer large capacities and are also ideal for housing racks of equipment like roller culture apparatus.
* Internal power sockets are included.

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