Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introduction To Medical Laboratory Technologist Proffesion

Are you fascinated by medicine?

Do you like working with computers?

Is detail work easy for you?

Do you enjoy helping others?

Are you a team player?

Do you enjoy problem-solving challenges?

Then MLT is for you!

Medical laboratory technology is one of the most rapidly expanding health care fields. As a medical laboratory technician, you will play an increasingly important role in health care delivery. The MLT Program provides extensive training, including a clinical internship with supervised work experience. This qualifies graduates to run clinical tests required by physicians to make life-affecting decisions in patient care.

Make a decision for your life today!

Although the medical technologist may not be a visible part of the healthcare team, the role the medical technologist plays is crucial to the health and well being of any patient. A medical technologist's MAIN FUNCTIONS are to provide a "report" on the internal condition of the patient and to prepare and dispense life saving blood products.


The volume of laboratory testing will increase sharply in the coming years and advances in medical technology will serve to create new tests and laboratory procedures perhaps even overloading the present capacity of the system. Workers and new laboratories are always in high demand.

The health care industry is in the midst of one of the most significant shortages of trained personnel in its history, and leaders predict it is a trend that will continue.

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