Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A New System for Laboratory Automation

RAD 120 is the new diagnostic system that Radim’s Research Laboratory is developing for the total automation of immunoassays. It is composed of an automated analyzer with continuous and full random access modes and a wide range of dedicated analytes. An ideal combination of ergonomics, productivity and flexibility means the system can adapt to the diverse requirements of any laboratory.


The system employs a patented technology named “Pegasus”, in which the solid phase is composed of ferrite magnetic particles coated with zirconium. These particles, thanks to their chemical and physical characteristics, have a strong binding capacity towards biologically active molecules. This allows a rapid and effective se paration of the free/bound fraction. Reading is performed in fluorescence at 450 nm.


Reagents are contained in an appropriate reagent pack and are ready for use up to 200 tests each. The solid phase is contained in a special patented rotating barrel that, once loaded onto the system, allows a constant and homogeneous suspension of the solid phase.


The calibration curve is also contained in a ready for use pack. The instrument performs calibrations automatically, stable for 4 weeks.

System Features

* Random access and continuous loading of samples and reagents
* STAT loading without interruption to work flow.
* Primary / secondary tube and paediatric cuvette handling
* Up to 96 samples on board with bar code reading
* 20 different methods on board (up to 200 determination each)
* Bar-code identification of tests
* 12 week stability on board of the refrigerated carousel

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