Thursday, September 18, 2008

Role of MLT in Health Care Team

A member of a healthcare team by analyzing patient:

* Specimens of blood
* Body fluids
* Other biological samples

A Medical Laboratory Technologist need to:

* Perform laboratory tests
* Examine specimens microscopically
* Frequently with the aid of complex computerized and automated instrumentation.
* Confirm the accuracy of test results
* Report laboratory findings to physicians who rely on their input in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Duties & Responsibilities of MLT

* Collect samples
* Prepare specimens for analysis
* Determine acceptability of samples
* Prepare materials like reagents & culture media
* Perform sophisticated laboratory tests
* Operate and calibrate laboratory instruments to ensure accuracy.
* Provide accurate laboratory results in a timely manner.
* Perform preventative and corrective maintenance and repairs on laboratory equipment
* Ensure proper functioning of laboratory equipment
* Maintain records/documentation
* Processes data, enters data into computer system
* Perform quality control procedures
* Evaluate and validates new methods
* Differentiate technical, instrumental and/or physiologic causes for unexpected test result
* Evaluate quality control measures and institutes corrective action
* Train new laboratory personnel

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