Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome to Department of Pathology

I reported myself at Hospital Teluk Intan on 13th April 2006 as a trainee for my industrial training. Mr. Shafiei is the person in charge for industrial training program in Hospital Teluk Intan and I was situated at Pathology Department. The sections compromising the pathology department are Microbiology and Serology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Hematology Laboratory, Blood Bank, Histopathology and Cytology Laboratory. Hospital Teluk Intan is established in Mac 1986 and located in Hilir Perak district. This district include with Batang Padang district, Perak Tengah district, Manjong district in Perak and Sabak Bernam district in Selangor.It had 27 wards with 548 beds. The hospital was officially opened by Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah Alhaj on the 2nd September 1985.

The hospital caters for the urban rural population from estates, villages and factories. Hospital Teluk Intan also serves as a referral center for the other hospital in the neighboring district such as Hospital Sabak Bernam, Hospital Tapah, Hospital Slim River, Hospital Tanjong Karang, Hospital Changkat Melintang and also for general practitioner clinics and private medical centre. Pathology department is situated at the lower ground of Hospital Teluk Intan building. It is situated near the X-ray department. The opening hours of pathology department are from 8.00am - 4.30pm. Pathology department consists of laboratory and sections such as microbiology lab, serology lab, biochemistry lab, hematology lab, histopathology and cytology lab and also blood bank.

The members that compile pathology department are head of department, pathology expert, medical officers, science officers, medical laboratory technologist, assistant of medical laboratory technologist and attendants.Vision of pathology department is to provide efficient, accurate and innovative pathological service based on a quality system that can give full satisfaction to clients.The mission is that the pathological service will become an excellent service that utilizes suitable and up to date technologies spontaneous services towards clients needs based upon quality and teamwork combined with professionalism for sake of patient care. For the patient charter, each client will be treated with goodmannerism, professionalism and care. Each client will be given explanations about the tests if necessary and each specimen will be handled and examined with standard and fixed protocols. Urgent test will be carried out according to set standards and all information regarding customers will be kept confidential.

The objectives of the pathology department are to provide diagnostic services and expertise in pathology field, blood transfusion services to all clinical departments in Hospital Teluk Intan, hospital laboratories and health centre in Hilir Perak. It is also to ensure that all results from laboratories can be used and trusted and as well as to achieve the minimum requirement for protocol ISO.Further more, it also served to ensure further studies for laboratories technicians in order to increase knowledge in technology laboratories field.

During industrial training, I experienced many things that related to the job. I started work at the counter. There, my work was to check the entire sample and the specimen so that only those that follow the criteria will be accepted. All the specimens must be sent in a right container followed by a request form. All request form must be filled completely followed by the signature of the doctor. The containers must be labeled completely. Specimens are rejected if for examples, the blood is haemolysed, no form/specimen accompanying each other, insufficient blood sent for analysis, specimen sent in wrong container, specimen is unsuitable for analysis, mislabeling of specimen/form, test requested is not offered, insufficient particulars filled request form and other valid reasons. Therefore, I had to check everything carefully. The containers for specimens can be obtained from the counter in the pathology department.

Picture of Specimen with Sample

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