Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blood Collection from Orbital Sinus in Mice

  • Should apply anesthetic before blood withdraw
  • A convenience and easy apply method for blood collection in mouse
  • Collect amount up to 0.5 ml

Tools for Blood Collection from Orbital Sinus in Mice

  • 75% alcohol cotton ball for surface disinfection
  • Hypnorm for general anesthetic
  • 27 G needle with 1 ml syringe for injection
  • Glass capillary tube and vial for blood collection

Anesthetize a mouse by intraperitoneal injection of Hypnorm

Use a sharp end glass capillary tube to penetrate the orbital conjunctiva and rupture the orbital sinus

Collect blood with a vial

1 comment:

Nad Eusoff said...

isk isk...yg collection from tail tu okeh lagik..
yg orbital sinus nih...aiyo seram ar tgk..sian tikus..