Monday, October 20, 2008


Epidemiology is the study of how specific infectious agent survives and spreads through a group of susceptible individuals. Commonly, the two ways are through respiratory and digestive system. Handwashing is the single most important method of controlling microbes in clinical setting. Through this, few microbes of no microbes transfer from person to person. It is known as direct contact. Proper Handwashing also control Fomite transmission.

Fomite is source of microbial infection in clinical area. A Fomite is an inanimate object such as fork or plate which is contaminated with infectious agent. During improper handle, it contaminates the person and transmits to another person through the infected person.

Respiratory secretion also a major source of infection material. Microbes present on fingers by direct or indirect contact may also be introduced into eye, nose, and mouth by accidentals touch. This is yet another reason for following strict aseptic technique procedures while handling infectious material.

Most of personal care product such as lipstick has bacteriostatic agents added which impede the growth of contaminating microbes. Therefore, there is no colony observed in lipstick plate. Using of disinfectant is effective against the growth of microbes.

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