Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mycology Internet Resources

Doctor Fungus : The on-line reference to all things mycological - image bank, ask dr. fungus, site map, links to other mycology related websites, etc.

Aspergillosis : Technical information on this toxic mold from the CDC. There are 5 species of Aspergillus know to be human pathogens.

Tease mount prep of Aspergillus : Can you identify the species?

Mycoinfo (Mycology Information) : "The World's First Mycology E-Journal".

Mycotic Diseases : Veterinarian cases

Hair Loss in a 5-year-old Boy : Case study report published in September 1997 issue of AMA's Archives of Dermatology

Index of Mycology Resources : From "About Fungi" to "Zygomycota" this list of links has it all!

Mycology Index Page from the University of Kansas.

Mycological Resources on the Internet : Discussion Groups and News. University of Kansas.

Mycology Image Library : Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology, University of Wisconsin Madison.

Mycology Online : Internet resource of clinically significant mycological diseases.

Fungal Infections of Man - Mycoses : Brief tutorial with graphic illustrations of fungi.

Medical Mycology Review Questions : from Loyola University Medical Center at Chicago.

Mycology Course from the State University of New York at Syracuse Health Science Center.

Aspergilloma Case Study : From the list of case studies by Martha L. Warnock, MD and Marcia J. McCowin, MD of the University of California at San Francisco.

Case history of North American Blastomycotic Osteomyelitis in a child. : from the teaching files of Children's Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama.

Valley Fever Information Sheet on Coccidiodies immits in animals : from the Family Veterinarian web site.

www.Candida : The Candida page - lots of annotated links on Candida albicans and Candidiasis by Don Wiss.

Candida albicans information : a good source for research information on this true yeast organism.

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