Thursday, September 18, 2008

CLOT 2S - Hematology Lab Equipments


The semiautomatic analyzer Clot 2S, developed for all the routine and urgency tests in coagulation, is the basic instrument for every kind of laboratory, ambulatory or hospital department; the Clot 2S is easy to use and at the same time it allows the programming of the methods, the standard curves elaboration and memorization; it is equipped with two independent reading channels, a 37°C thermostated plate, a liquid crystal display, a functional keyboard and a built-in printer for the results and the standard curve graphs print-out.

The counting system, starting with the addition of the starter reagent to the sample, automatically stops itself at the clot formation and the results are visualized and directly printed out on thermal paper. The results are expressed in seconds, or in Activity %, INR, RATIO or in Concentration according to the user selection and the measurement units are programmable between mg/dL, g/L, UI/mL. The alphanumerical keyboard allows the data insertion, the methods programming, the tests selection and the patient identification.

The incubation timers, for plasma and reagents, are independent and programmable for each method: this is an important aid for the correct working time respect. The Clot 2S is the only instrument, in his range, allowing the platelet aggregation test. The measurement is done using 0 and 100% automatic calibration with poor or rich platelet plasma and with the continuous mixing program activation: the trace is automatically printed out by the built-in printer with differentiated printing speed, programmable by software. The system can be connected to a Host computer by a RS232 serial port.

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