Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology


This course is designed to produce Medical Laboratory Technologists. Students will become cognizant with theoretical knowledge and equipped with practical skills to conduct laboratory analysis of medical samples such as human blood, body fluids and tissue for the detection and identification of diseases in patients. This program is suitable for individuals with a science background and a diagnostic mindset for meticulous work in the laboratory.

Course Highlights

• Corporate Finance
• Basic Medical Sciences
• Medical Laboratory Sciences
• Bio-statistics & Medical Lab Management
• Industrial Training

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be competent in performing all relevant tests and be able to apply medical lab technology skills to analyze medical samples culminating in quality reporting.

Career Prospects and Development

Medical Laboratory Technologists have a variety of career opportunities. They can thrive in public or private hospital laboratories, private clinical laboratories, public health laboratories, universities and research institutions. They may also pursue a higher education in Medical Lab Technology, Medical Science, Bio-medicine, Bio-technology, Bio-informatics, Forensic Science etc.

Competitive Edges

• Supplementary training in the K-economy
• Use of ICT in teaching and learning process
• State-of-the-art laboratories
• Industry-experienced lecturers
• Close rapport with professional bodies

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