Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Specilisation, Job Opportunities and Education for MLTs in Malaysia

Medical laboratory technologists
(MLTs) can work as an all-rounder as a generalist. They can also specialize in specific areas of medical laboratory technology after acquiring many years of practical experience.

They can specialize in biochemistry, microbiology, haematology, histology, cytology, blood transfusion, phlebotomy as well as cytogenetic field. For examples, in biochemistry area, they are known as biochemistry technologists whom deal with the estimation of a great variety of chemical components of a blood samples for detection of diabetes, assessment of liver function, kidney function, lipid profile, hormone level and so on. They are proficient in handling highly computerized and automatic instruments.

Meanwhile in haematology area, haematology technologists deal with the study of blood cells and blood diseases. They are proficient in using automatic instruments for the assessment of haemoglobin, white blood cell and platelet count in order to detect various types of anaemia and other blood disorder like leukemia.

In Malaysia, the total numbers of private hospitals are more than 106, private clinical laboratories are more than 300 and there are less than 20 medical and health science courses in public and private universities and colleges. MLTs can work in research institutions, laboratories in university Hospital, medical or health science faculties of universities and hospitals. In research institutions, MLTs assist scientists to do research testing. As more and more private hospitals are being set up, MLTs are needed to do diagnostic tests. Moreover, private clinical laboratory industry is expanding to cater for diagnostic service and health screen public.

MLTs have opportunities for further study in degree program such as biomedical science, medical science, biotechnology, forensic science, and bioinformatics. With appropriate qualifications, MLT scan become clinical scientists, biotechnologists, biochemists, microbiologist and many other more. Perhaps after this, few people will know about a health science program called Diploma in Medical laboratory Technology.

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