Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Procedure for Leishman Staining and Differential WBC Count

Procedure of Leishman Staining

  • Let thin blood film to air dry
  • Then flood the slide with Leishman stain solution
  • Wait for 8 minutes. Then flood off with distilled water in 2 – 3 seconds. Longer washing will remove stain
  • Wait for 20 minutes. Observe the appearance of metallic cum that float on the surface of the slide.
  • Then wash with tap water. Stand in a rack to drain and air dry.

Perform differential white blood cells count

  • Using a low-power lens (10 x objectives) on the microscope, check the approximate differential cell distribution.
  • Using the 40x objective high-power lens, perform a 200 cell differential count.
  • 100x objective oil immersion lens should be used for examining fine intracellular details of the cells.
  • Move the slide along the stage of the microscope in a broad battlement track running transversely across the body of the film, avoiding the edges completely.
  • Record the numbers of each type of white cell. Calculate the percentage of each of the five basic leucocytes.


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The procedure steps given here are incomplete. No one could possibly stain a thin blood film following the procedure given in this blog. I am sorry that I thought someone must indicate this so that another beginner will not be deceived by the procedure given in the blog. Thank you!

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