Sunday, April 19, 2009

Haematology Internet Resources

Proficiency --Cell Identification: Photographic Images Program: The Cytohematology laboratory of the Wadsworth Center designs and carries out the New York proficiency testing program in the area of cell identification. Link to other proficiency resources from this page.

Hematology Peer Group Information Hub : Peer group devoted to hematology. Find useful links, announcements, and message board at this site.

Hematology by Cancer Network.

Weber State University: Case of the Month: case studies in hematology.

Hematography (TM) : "A better way to teach and evaluate proficiency in blood cell identification". : Also a new case study will appear each month on this web site from the University of Minnesota.

Hematology Case Studies : Source is Hematography Case Studies (University of Minnesota).

RBC Tutorial: RBC case studies from Web Path Tutorials, The Internet Pathology Laboratory, Department of Pathology, Medical Center, University of Utah.

WBC Tutorial: WBC case studies from Web Path.

Blood Smear: Preparation and Staining Procedure from the University of Texas Medical School, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UTMB, Galveston, Texas.

Laboratory Evaluation of Leukocyte Disorders : Take the Quiz over Leukocyte Disorders. From Maui Research and Technology Center at Kikei, Hawaii.

Hematology Case Studies: Medical Rounds at the University of Colorado.

Hematology Homepage of the School of Medicine at University of California - Davis. Link to case studies (anemia, hemostatis, others), hemostasis lectures and image Data Bank.

Case Studies, Teaching Files, Online Notebooks, and More : Link here for hematology case studies and other learning resources.

Hematologic Diseases : A wide field of topics to chose from on this web site - ClinWeb International maintained by Oregon Health Science University.

HemaSurf: an interactive atlas of hematology

Hematopathology Lab: advanced case studies in clinical hematology from Web Path.

Hematoma(tm) : new hematology case study each month from UMMC

Med Files: hematology case studies and teaching files from various resources.

Pat Letendre's Hematology web sites.

BloodLine's Malignant Hematology Links - BloodLine: The Online Resource for Hematology Education and News.

BloodLine's Homepage : The online hematology resource - challenging case studies, links, photomicrographs and more.

MedMark's Hematology Site: over 200 links to societies, institutes, centers, labs, departments, education, training, and more.

Hardin MD's Meta Directory on Hematology : links and resources in hematology

CancerWeb: Links to hematology tutorials and guides.

Understanding Anemia: Chapter 1 of Dr. Uthman's new textbook - links to other web sites.

Lab Test Information: Hematology Accession : Madigan Army Medical Center, Department of Pathology.

Myoglobin, Hemoglobin, Role of 2, 3-BPG : Biochemistry of these molecules; link to Dr. Paul Reisberg's lectures; web site of Michael W. King, Ph.D.

Hemochromatosis : Mega list of links on this hematologic disorder from Genome.

Hematology In Internet : Galenica's hematology links.

NYC-Hematology Online Resources : A large collection of links covering hematological disorders such as anemias, leukemias, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative disorders and lymphomas.

Cytohematology Proficiency Testing: Transparencies : Page includes index for all photographic transparencies used in the New York State Proficiency Tests for cell identification.

Blood Morphology Atlases
Atlas of Hematology : Nagoya University School of Medicine

Haematology Atlas : Department of Haematological Pathology, University of Stellenbosch and Tygerberg Academy Hospital

Blood and Bone Marrow Atlas : University of Kansas Medical Center

HemaSurf:An Interactive Atlas of Hematology, view hundreds of blood film images

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