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Urinalysis and Body Fluids Internet Resources

Urinalysis Tutorial : from Web Path - The Internet Pathology Laboratory

Urinalysis : learn the basics of this important laboratory test. Good illustrations of organized sediment and crystals in this tutorial. Also from Web Path

Urinalysis Tutorial from the Virtual Hospital - Ruthanna Hyduke, M.A., Department of Pathology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Part I: Specimen Collection and Gross Chemical Analysis.

Part II: The Urine Microscopic Examination.

Urinalysis Cases and Images. : Mary Ann McLane, Ph. D., CLS(NCA), Medical Technology Department, University of Delaware.

The Microscopic Examination of Urine : by Michael Dion of Rosemont College in Montreal, Canada.

Urinary Sediment : By Richard Dion. Department of Technologie de Laboratoire M�dical, Coll�ge de Rosemont, Montreal. English or French versions.

Urinary Sediment : Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment - by Reginaldo Luzon, MT(ASCP) and Jammie Woo, Ph.D. at the Health Science Center at Syracuse (N.Y.), SUNNY.

Urinary Sediment Atlas : Developed by Nobuko Imai of Japan. An excellent atlas with sharp photos of urinary casts, sediment, and parasites seen in the urine.

Urinalysis - Resources by Ed. Friedlander, MD, Pathologist.

Pfizer's Urinalysis in Perspective link to microphotographs of urinary casts.

Chapter 31 Microhematuria - Lecture by Dr. Tatyana Z. Morton, M.D., Presbyterian Health Care, Columbia University.

Q & A : What is the significance of microscopic hematuria? : by Frederick R. Jelovsek, MD, MS, Woman's Diagnostic Cyber.

Protocol for Macroscopic and Microscopic Urinalysis.

Medt1000: Orientation & Lesson 2-1 Introduction to Urinalysis : MLT urinalysis course, excellent illustrations of the urinary system.

Clue Cells : Gardnerella vaginalison a Pap smear.

Vaginal Infections : Step by Step Method of Examination.

More illustrations of stained preparations : Sources is the Laboratorio Alvaro in Brazil.

Clinical Evaluation of Genitourinary Disorders. : Merck Manual.

Stages of Kidney Disease : from Diabetes Net -

Dr. Baer's Renal Lecture Notes : Meds Phase IIC Renal Physiology. Queens University, Kingston & Onterio, Canada.

Polycystic Kidney Disease : from Health Answers -

Peritoneal Fluid - Analysis : covers paracentesis from the Health Library.

Georgia Urology : nation's (U.S.) largest private practice urology group; link on to UROLOGY TOPICS .

Body Fluids from CliniWeb International, Oregon Health Science University.

Body Fluids : How to do chamber cell counts and other aspects on body fluids explained. Back link to the Hematology web site for other topics. Source is Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, Union University and Tennessee Healthcare, Inc. Back link to their hematology resources.

Microscopic Properties of Urine : A course outline on urinalysis & body fluids from the Medical Laboratory. Medical laboratory Technology Program at The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, Brownsville, TX.

Exposure to Blood or Body Fluids : resources and additional links on the subject from Dr. Ken Corbert at University of Calgary, Canada.

Body Fluids Lectures of Medical Physiology 301 : By Dr. Joe Potlak, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, University of Vermont, Berlington, VT.

Body Fluids Lectures : Notes to support lectures given by The Reverend Dr. David C.M. Taylor on body fluids, University of Liverpool, UK.

CSF Background A & P of CNS : Good illustration of C.N.S.

Path Notes: Joint Fluid : covers arthritis and related body fluid information - Cornell University Medical College, New York City.

Seminal Fluid Analysis : part of Martin Steinbeck, MT(ASCP)'s body fluid lecture series.
Metabolic Diseases Diagnosed By Urinalysis

Maple Syrup Urine Disease : MSU is a branch-chain ketonuria - Support Group and Resources

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