Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Immunohematology introduces the theory of genetic and immunology of blood group antigens and antibodies. Medical Laboratory Technologists are exposed to the knowledge regarding the function of blood bank in transfusion medicine. Emphasis of Immunohematology is also on the acquiring of technical skill in testing ABO and Rh blood group and ensuring supply of safe and compatible blood to patients.

It introduces the Medical Laboratory Technologists with the knowledge and techniques to solve problem of incompatible cross-matching, to determine the causes of transfusion reactions as well as to perform investigations of hemolytic transfusion reactions by way of antibody identification. Medical Laboratory Technologists will also be exposed to the theory of blood bank management including quality control system. The role of aphaeresis in transfusion medicine is also included.

Main Reference Textbooks:
Textbook of Blood Banking and Tansfusion Medicine 2005 Sally V Rudman
Immunohematology: Principles and Practice, Quinley, Lippincott

Additional Reference Material:
Transfusion Medicine,2nd ed 2005 ISBN00443066485 Churchill Livingstone

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