Saturday, April 11, 2009

Medical Laboratory Technology Programme

Medical Laboratory Technology prepares future Medical Laboratory Technologist for a career in Medical Laboratory Technology. Medical Laboratory Technologists perform laboratory tests and analyses on human blood, body fluids and tissues to assist doctors in the diagnosis and management of diseases. This programme is specially design to equip future Medical Laboratory Technologist s with extensive theoretical knowledge and relevant practical skills to meet the needs of the medical laboratory industry.

The aims of the programme are to produce competent professionals to contribute to the field of laboratory medicine so as to help fulfill the nation’s need for health care. Those who aspire to become clinical scientists, research scientists or academicians can further their studies for a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science, Forensic Science and thereafter, a Master’s degree or PhD degree in related disciplines. Medical Laboratory Technologists have a variety of career opportunities. They can work in public or private hospital laboratories, private clinical laboratories, public health laboratories, universities and research institutions. In order to carry out their role in these aspects, Medical Laboratory Technologists must acquire good knowledge and skill in various branches of medical science disciplines:
Anatomy and Physiology
sic Applied Science
Biology and Human Genetics
Clinical Biochemistry
Immunology and Serology
Medical Laboratory Science
Medical Microbiology
Medical Parasitology

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