Monday, April 20, 2009

Laboratory Management Internet Resources

Tech Staffing Issues - - What has happened to all the techs? by Pennell C. Painter, Ph.D.

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques : Go to this web site for information on behavioral interviewing and back link to a Guide for Interviewing from the Career Center at the University of Missouri.

CLIA 88 Regs : Current CLIA Regulations (including all changes through 01/24/2003). Division of Laboratory Systems (DLS), CDC.

CDC Index of Publications page.

CDC Prevention Guidelines Systems .

Division of Laboratory Systems: CLIA Regulations, Laboratory Guidelines/Standards.
CLIA : Implementing CLIA amendments of 1988, CDC source.

Checklist for CLIA Compliance : from Laboratory Solutions Inc.

CLIA Guidelines: Subpart M - Personnel for Moderate and High Complexity Testing.

CLIA Requirements for Analytical Quality : Click here to find out what's new with CLIA '88 and see the clinical quality requirements mandated by this public law.

DLS : Division of Laboratory Systems - - Ensuring Excellence in Laboratory Practice.

JCAHO Accreditation: information on accreditation of healthcare facilities by JCAHO.

CLMA : Clinical Laboratory Management Association. Select topic of interest from menu on their home page.

NCCLS: National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards - a resource for managers and bench supervisors.

Tools, technology and training for quality management in healthcare laboratories : WesTgard Quality Corporation (WQC) -- free article, essays, lessons and download tutorials and quality control software.

Laboratory Manual : Department of Pathology at the University of Duke Medical Center. Use this web site as a resource on the format of an online laboratory manual, or use it to retrieve laboratory test information.

Waived Tests: information about waived lab testing, national reimbursement ave. from InfoLab, Inc.
Home Health Care : Home health monitoring information from University of Illinois' Health Science Center at Chicago.

COLA , a national healthcare accrediting organization devoted to the improvement of health care services.

HCFA : Health Care Financing Administration - the federal agency that administers the Medicare and Medicaid Insurance Programs.

FDA : U.S. Food and Drug Administrations - find information of the Year 2000 Compliance.

OSHA : Occupational Safety & Health Administration's homepage - U. S. Department of Labor.

Technical Links : Not sure where to start, click here and begin your search.

CDC Prevention Guidelines Database : The Prevention Guidelines Database is a comprehensive compendium of all of the official guidelines and recommendations published by the CDC for the prevention of diseases, injuries, and disabilities.

Guidelines for Laundry in Health Care Facilities : Reference: Guideline for Handwashing and Hospital Environmental Control, 1985; Garner, J.S., Favero, M.S., in Guidelines for Protecting the Safety and Health of Health Care Workers.

Compliance Directive 2-2.44D : Enforcement Procedures for the Occupational Exposure of Bloodborne Pathogens. Dated 11/05/99.

Selecting, Evaluating and Using Sharps Disposal Containers : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (NIOSH) Publication No 97-111. January 1998.

Communication of Hazards and the Chemical Hygene Plan : The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA): The Physician Office Laboratory Risk Management, Ruthanne R. Hyduke, M.A., Virtual Hospital

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Disposal of Chemicals : This online book is prepared by a National Research Council (NRC) committee and made available by the National Academy Press (NAP) .

Clinical and Related Wastes Guidelines for Management : Risk Management Office, University of Sydney, Austrailia.

NAACLS: National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

CAP: College of American Pathologist's information on HCFA and Medicare regulations of interest to pathologists & CLS.

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