Monday, April 20, 2009

Laboratory Safety Internet Resources

CLIA Laboratory Safety : Source is the Virtual Hospital, University of Iowa Health Care.

Annual Clinical Laboratory Safety Training : at the Washington University in St. Louis' School of Medicine. If your working on a clinical laboratory safety training plan, this is a great reference for you.

Environmental Health & Safety Links of Washington University in St. Louis' School of Medicine. Find a link on this web page for an in service safety training power point presentation.

Laboratory Safety Links of the Texas Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories, Austin, Texas.

Laboratory Safety - Knowing How to Produce Safe Science . Training material available from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Laboratory Safety Recommendations : Recommendations for Listing Dangerous Biological Agents and Toxins and for Establishing Standards and Procedures Governing Their Possession and Use , Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Laboratory Safety and Accreditation: Safety How to's The Pro's

NIH's Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene website : Online resources on chemical hyigene, ergonomics, hazardous material, and lab safety.

NSF International, the Public Health Safety Company .

Princeton University Laboratory Safety Manual : A collection of resources for individuals working in research and teaching laboratories.

Sites Related to Laboratory Safety : This website is a good source of information on safety practices in the laboratory. Source: Microbiology/Biology Department at Penn State Altoona.

New Needlestick Legislation : Hot Topics in Healthcare, October 1999.

Needle Stick Injuries : General information from the Hypodermic Needle Incinerator, Johannesburg, South Africa

MSDS Resources
Material Safety Data Sheets : Over 250,000 MSDS files in the database provided by Cornell University.

Where To Find Material Safety Data Sheets On The Internet : The Internet Resource for MSDS, a great gateway and maybe the largest collection of MSDS. A great place to start your search.

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