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Malaria, Toxoplasma and Hemoflagellates Internet Resources

Malaria - Plasmodium spp.

Malaria Parasitic Disease Information site of the CDC, Atlanta, GA.

WHO/TDR Malaria Database : Malaria database of the World Health Organization; website is intended for malaria research.

Malaria in South Africa General Information and Malaria Research Programme: Entry page to websites with Malaria content relevant to the Southern African continent; also additional malaria links.

Malaria: An On-line Resource : an excellent resource on malaria. Pages devoted to diagnosis, history, prophylaxis, treatment, teaching and testing, and links. This resource is presented by the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Austrialia. It is provided for the information of Medical Practitioners and Laboratory Scientists. It is regularly updated and provides the generally accepted best current practice. Highly recommended site.

Malaria : Description of Malaria - BS 224 course in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Leicester, UK.

Malaria Prevention and Control : Navy Medical Department Pocket Guide to... U.S. Navy Environmental Health Center, Technical Manual NEHC-TM PM 6250.1, Last Revision: September 2000.

Malaria Consortium : The Malaria Consortium is a leading international organization of multi-disciplinary experts working to reduce the global burden of malaria.
Malaria Links in English but you can switch to links in French, Italian, German or Spanish.

History of Malaria : Source is The Malaria Capers by Robert S. Desowitz. International Development Research Centre.

Malaria: An Online Resource covering diagnosis, treatment, history and a "Test and Teach".

Laboratory Diagnosis of Malaria : morphologic features of each species is listed with illustrations (Royal Perth Hospital).

Malaria: A Reemerging Disease in Africa : from the July-September 1998 issue of the EIA journal.

Transfusion - Transmitted Malaria -- Missouri and Pennsylvania, 1996 - 1998 : Report of 3 case histories in MMWR April 02, 1999/48 (12); 253 - 256.

Malaria Database: resources for scientists working in malaria research from W.H.O.

Mega List on malaria links. : Chances are if you haven't found the information your seking on malaria, you will find it here.

Other Malaria and Parasitology Sites on The Web : Provided by W.H.O.

Toxoplasmosis - Toxoplasma gondii
Toxoplasmosis : What You Should Know About Toxoplasmosis. This web site will answer your questions about toxoplasmosis; how people get infected, dangers of this parasite, the definitive host, prevention, among other questions

Toxoplasma antibodies: detection of toxoplasmosis

Hemoflagellates - Leishmania and Trypanosoma
Trypanosomiasis, African : Information about the cause of African Sleeping Sickness, Trypanosoma brucei , from Center for Infectious Diseases.

American Trypanosomiasis : Reports on Chagas Disease from the Texas Department of Health and Zoonosis Control Division.

AABB Chagas' Biovigilance Network : The Chagas Disease Bio vigilance Network records screening and confirmatory results from the testing of donors for antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi, the agent of Chagas disease.

Leishmania donovani: Toxonomic classification, definitive host spectrum, vector, geographical distribution, morphology ,life cycle stages, and more.

Leishmaniasis : Description from the web site of Parasitology Department at Ohio State University.

Leishmania : Slides of L. donovani and L. mexicana . Source is the Atlas of Parasitology, the Carlo Denegri Foundation of Italy.

Leishmania mexicana and tropica : Images of these species from Bugs on The Web.

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