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Parasitology Internet Resources

Identification and Diagnosis of Parasites of Public Health Concern : web site of the Division of Parasitic Diseases , National Center for Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. The experienced parasitologist or microbiologist will find this web site helpful in the selection of diagnostic procedures, diagnostic assistance, descriptions of parasites and parasitic diseases, training opportunities, and an excellent image library - Parasite Image Library.

Parasitology-Online : Journals, Features, News.

Para-Site Online : Current Issues, New Information, Quizzes, Procedures, FAQs. Web site source is Lynne Garcia, a well-published and respected medical parasitologist in the field.

Diagnostic Parasitology Course at the University of Delaware. Excellent illustrations of trophozoites, cysts, ova, and other life cycle stages of medically important parasites. A MUST SITE for MLT and CLS students taking a parasitology course in their curriculum, or for laboratorians wanting a refresher course. Find out what Charcot-Leyden crystals are and the significance of finding them in fecal smears.

Image Photo-Gallery from the University of Utah: Also a MUST SITE for studying medical parasitology. From the Index Page you can link onto images of the protozoa, cestodes, trematodes, and nematodes.

Journal of Parasitology: Official journal of American Society of Parasitologist

Yahoo's directory for Parasitology web sites

Parasites and Health - CDC : Identification and Diagnosis of Parasites of Public Health Concern.

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology's Continuing Medical Education WWW Site - a web site for good clinical case studies.

Parasites and Parasitological Resources : Site from The Ohio State University created by Dr. P.W. Pappas. This site contains excellent images and is a good source for general information on human parasites of medical importance.

Parasitology Images and Links: From the Nebraska State Museum web site; The list for parasitology includes the Queenlands University of Technology Parasitology Images List.

Parasitology Pages at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

University of Nebraska's Parasitology Links : extensive web listings related to parasitology.

Parasite Images: Collection of Parasitology Images of Medical Importance.

Parasitology Images: 250 parasitology images from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Atlas of Medical Parasitology : Includes case reports and updates. Atlas is available on CD Rom. A project of Carlo Denegri Foundation (Italy). This is a great morphology study resource for the medical parasitology student.

David Gibson's Parasitological URLs : British Society for Parasitology ~ Parasitology resources, descriptions, images, and more.

Parasitology List : Queensland University of Technology's Parasitology Pages.

Lots of Parasitology Links : Links2Go web site search on parasitology/parasites.

The World of Parasites : Use the world map to locate where diseases such as filariasis exist and the parasite implicated. Visit the home page of Dr. Jim Martin at McGill University in Canada for information on PARASITISM & SYMBIOSIS.

Metin Korkmaz's Parasitology Resources : A very good list of links to all aspects of parasitology.

More Medical Parasitology Links : Also on this page you will find search engines for locating the newest listings on "medical parasitology" and "parasitic diseases", plus a PubMed search engine.

Protozoa as Human Parasites: Descriptions with life cycles of the human protozoan parasites.

Parasitology sites on the World Wide Web

Course Modules : introductory course in clinical parasitology.
Parasitology Images: over 450 images; Parasites & Parasitology Resources, Ohio State University.
Metin Korkmaz's Parasitology Resources : Images, information on parasites, and more.

The Schoenbaum Library Parasitology Resources : General resources, journals and organizations.

Course Outline : home page for Dr. Rodger's course in clinical. parasitology (see link above)

Cutaneous Parasites Home Page : A dermatological menagerie of the creatures that bite, sting, infect, and infest human skin

CellsAlive: live scanning EM photos of parasites..see dust mite in action

Color Atlas of Parasitology: link to sample photos of parasites

Intestinal Protozoa : discussion of the intestinal protozoa from ASCP

Parasitic Diseases: link to sites with case studies in parasitology

Infectious Diseases : link from here to infectious diseases, then to topics on parasitology

Karolinska Institute Library: Parasitic Diseases: resource web site for parasitology

Trichinella Page : description, illustrated life cycle, summary chart, links

Giardiaisis : information on Giardia lamblia from the Bug Book, US Food & Drug Administration. Giardiaisis is the most frequent cause of non-bacterial diarrhea in North America

Giardia lamblia : case studies, method of infection, and locations from Travel Information Homepage

Giardiaisis : Water Quality Association's discussion on Giardia lamblia

Giardia & Cryptosporidium : description of these two intestinal protozoan parasites found here

Giardia & Cryptosporidium : discussion from US Environmental Protection Agency - link to the Microbiology Home Page for discussion of other microorganisms & parasites from this site

Control of Intestinal Parasites from the World Health Organization's Division of Control of Tropical Diseases.

Cryptosporidiosis Fact Sheet : from CDC's National Center for Infectious Diseases

Coccidial Research at Kansas State University. : update information on intestinal coccidian parasites

CliniWeb: Intestinal Diseases, Parasitic - Oregon Health Science University's web site

Parasitology Lectures on the Internet
Clinical Parasitology : by Professor J. D. MacLean at McGill Centre for Tropical Disease, McGill University Faculty of Medicine, CA.

Medical Mycology, Parasitology and Virology : Professor James Veselenak, Ph.D., M(ASCP), University of Illinois at Springfield. Lectures are in pdf format.

Brush up your malaria identification skills. Teach and Test : Helpful hints and case presentations. Malaria self test module. Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Australia.

PATHOPHYSIOLOGY I: Parasitology Lecture Slides : Columbia University Medical Center, NYC.

Teaching Notes and Resources: PARASITOLOGY : A parasitology course by Professor John Barrett at Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK.

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