Monday, April 13, 2009

Medical Parasitology

Medical Parasitology introduces parasites of medical importance. It covers all pathogenic protozoa and also nematodes (worms) which cause intestinal manifestations. Medical Laboratory Technologists are exposed to laboratory procedures to detect and diagnose parasitic infections. Medical Parasitology starts with blood nematodes, trematodes and cesstodes. It is then followed by the field of entomology. Medical Laboratory Technologists will be taught on phylum arthropoda especially insects of medical importance. They will be exposed to laboratory procedures including worm and ova counting techniques and methods to identify different types of mosquitoes, larvae and eggs.

Main Reference Textbooks:
Heelan J.S. & Ingersoll F.W. 2002. Essentials of Human Parasitology. Delmar.
Atlas of Medically Important Parasites JW Mak 2005 1st rev.ed UY Print ISBN9833049001

Additional Reference Material:
Essentials of Tropical Medical Parasitology, JPO Oyerinde 2000 University of Lagos Press ISBN9780176152

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