Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laboratory Statistics Internet Resources

Analyse-it : Clinical Laboratory method evaluation tools.

Stat Soft: Electronic Textbook Statistical analyzes resources and search engine of general statistical concepts.

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics : Online statistics book with links, simulations/demonstrations, case studies, & analysis lab. Dr. David M. Lane at Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Statistical Laboratory : University of Cambridge, UK.

Clinical Laboratory Software : Software applications for the clinical laboratory. Source is Philippe Marquis, MD, Biologist, METZ - FRANCE. Lots of free software to download.

Guide to Basic Laboratory Statistics : An informal guide to elementary inferential statistical methods used in the laboratory.

CDC Data and Statistics : Links to healthcare data and statistical sources. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA.

Berrie's Statistics Page : Some animations in QuickTime format that illustrate certain aspects of statistical distributions.

Tables of Essential Clinical Laboratory Statistics : Stats Software for the Clinical Laboratory. David G. Rhoads Associates, Inc.

Stat Notes: An Online Textbook by G. David Garson at North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC.
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics : by Kyle Siegrist, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Alabama Huntsville.

Statistics in Laboratory Medicine (mathematical logic) : by Dr. Robert McLay, Department of Pathology & Laboratory medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine.

SurfState Australian : An online introductory text on Statistics by Keith Dear of the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Westgard QC Homepage : Tools, Technology and Training for Healthcare Laboratories.

Westgard QC : Desirable specifications for total error, Imprecision, and bias, derived from biological variation.


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