Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Molecular Diagnostics Internet Resources

Journal of Molecular Diagnostics : Pathology and The Association for Molecular Pathology publish Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press (TM).

Molecular Diagnostics : Testing Services homepage - listing of services and resources of the Department of Pathology , University of Pittsburgh, S-417 BST, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261, (412) 648-9550.

Web Resources of Interest to Users of Fluorescent Probes : Web sites are grouped into noncommercial and journal sites and commercial sites. This extensive listing of links compiled by Molecular Probes, Inc.

On Line Analysis Tools For Molecular Biologists.

What's a RFLP? : A definition and discussion from the course Biology: The Foundations of Living Systems , Brown University, RI.

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism : Brief definition.

DNA Chip Technologies - Series of 3 articles by Cliff Henke published September 1998 in IVD Technology Magazine. Part1: Research fundamentals and industry catalysts. Part 2: State-of-the-art and competing technologies. Part 3: What does the future hold?

Motorola's Biochip Center

Molecules and Microspheres 101 : Quick course on molecular applications in diagnostic laboratory medicine from Luminex, Austin, Texas. Luminex is a cross-functional team of biologists, chemists, engineers and software developers focused on refining and advancing the capabilities of our technology, LabMAP (Laboratory Multi-analyte Profiling).

GEN-PROBE : Select GEN-PROBE (molecular biologicals) from the Menu. Vendor: bioMerieux, France

Clinical Microsensors Check out this web site for the latest developments in molecular diagnostics.

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