Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blood Bank

This was my last place during industrial training. Blood bank is an essential unit in Pathology, and the heart of every hospital. Its function is to supply matched and screed blood and blood products to the wards. Recruiting potential donors and the flow of regular donors is done to maintain the commitment of blood bank to supply blood to the patient effectively. The blood bank must have adequate number of personnel. These individuals must be properly trained and have adequate experience to enable them to carry out their work properly. The test that been done after working hours are grouping and cross matching and Coomb’s test.

All specimens for routine tests must be sent to blood bank before 3.15pm, all the specimens must be sent to the blood bank immediately either on working hours or after working hours. A request form is required when requesting blood. In order to maintain the safeness of the blood, eight service health goals are required which are wellness focus, person focus, informed person/Personalized information, self care, care close to home, seamless care and high quality care. Blood bank will sent the blood to IMR, Pathology Department, HKL, and Pusat Darah Negara for immunophenotyping for leukemia and lymphoma cases, cytogeneticts cases in Haematology Department, IMR and DNA analysis for thalassemia cases.

Working procedure in blood bank are compatibility test (Major and Minor Crossmatching), anti human globulin tests (Coomb’s Test), preparation of Platelet/Fresh Frozen Plasma, preparation of Cyroprecipitate/Cytosuspension, blood donor selection, ABO and Rhesus (D) Grouping by Tile Method, Rhesus (D) Grouping Du Antigen Typing by Tube Method, haemoglobin estimation by Copper Sulphate Method, quality assurance guideline for manufacture component, preventive and Corrective Action on Blood Refrigerator or Freezer, taking Temperature with Temperature Logger, released Blood and Blood Components from Unscreened (refrigerator) Freezer/Platelet Agitators to Screened and washing of Glass Tube. During my practical in blood bank, the tasks that I was assigned are compatibility test (Major and Minor Crossmatching), anti Human Globulin Tests (Coomb’s Test).Preparation of Platelet/Fresh Frozen Plasma and Haemoglobin Estimation by Copper Sulphate Method.

Reference Laboratory

Reference laboratories are the department of pathology Hospital Teluk Intan in a secondary lab. Confirmatory and specialized test that are not carried out here are send to its reference laboratories. The main and designated reference laboratory is Hospital Ipoh. Other reference laboratories are Institute for medical research (IMR), Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), National Blood Transfusion Centre and other places. Therefore, the specimens are dispatched by specific time to reference laboratory and the test result normally will be obtained from the reference hospital. Example of the test is leptospirosis test which is sent to IMR for the result.

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